Nic Salts


These e-liquids are typically higher in propylene glycol (PG) content and higher in nicotine concentration, which means high resistance; low wattage setups – like the Aspire Breeze, Pockex, eGo AIO, etc. – are typically used to deliver the product. Expensive setups are not required to enjoy these new revolutionary e-liquids. It is actually recommended to avoid using sub-ohm devices with high concentration nicotine salt e-liquid since such a concentration will already deliver a strong nicotine fix at low wattage. High wattage devices can actually end up providing way more nicotine than what is necessary for one’s body to absorb. If a user insists on using a high-powered device (not suggested), the user must be very careful when vaping high nic salt e-liquids as it would be easy to exceed the amount he/she actually needs.